Retrieve actions associated with a flow

Retrieves actions for the flow passed in the parameter, based on the display action settings configured and the display type. The actions are defined for the following Display Types which correspond to different pages in CPQ:

  • Cart Page
  • Catalog Page
  • Bundle Page
  • Attribute Page
  • Resolve
  • configuration Page
  • Installed Products Page
  • Analyze Quote
  • Cart Summary

The API also retrieves the following details associated with the actions:

  • Sequence: Defines sequence in which actions are displayed on CPQ pages.
  • Action: API names of the actions.For example, Finalize andAddmoreproduct.
  • Action Label Name: Actions lables that displayed on the CPQ pages. For example, Finalize and Close Cart.
  • Display As: Defines whether given action is displayed as an Action or Task on the CPQ page.
  • Action Area: Defines position on the page where action is displayed.For example, Left, Right, and Center.
  • Action Style Class: Defines the style class used for the action.
  • Action Page: The name of the Visualforce or custom page that is invoked for the respective action along with action params.
  • Behavior: Defines the action page''s behavior on opening the page in a dialog window, new window, or the same window.
  • Action type: Defines the action type. For example, Quick Redirect, Save, and Quick Save.
  • Is Enabled: Indicates whether the action is enabled or disabled.
  • Always Display: Indicates that the actions are displayed even is they are disabled.The disabled actions are grayed out on the CPQ pages.
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