Retrieve column displays associated with a flow

Retrieves the column displays for the flow passed in the parameter, based on the Display Column Settings configured and the Display Type. The columns are defined for the following Display Types which correspond to different sections on a CPQ page:

  • Cart Line Item
  • Cart Total Item
  • Mass Update
  • Cost Line Item
  • Usage Price tiers
  • Price Ramps
  • Tierd Price
  • Related Price
  • Line Item Waterfall
  • Summary Group Waterfall
  • Option Line Item

The API also retrieves the following details associated with the columns:

  • Sequence: Defines sequence in which columns are displayed on CPQ pages.
  • Field Name: The name of the column
  • Is Editable: Indicates whether the column is editable in CPQ.
  • Style: Defines the column text alignment using CSS styles.
  • Style Class: Defines the style class used for the column.
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