Initiate a review

Sends contract documents for review and initiates a review by sending contract documents to reviewers.

Two types of reviews are available in CLM, "Simple Review" and "Office 365 Review".

  • When you send documents for Simple Review, all review documents and supporting documents are sent to reviewers as email attachments. Reviewers can email reviewed documents back to the review initiator.
  • When you send a document for Office 365 Review, the review document is shared as Office 365 document links and supporting documents are sent as email attachments. Reviewers can directly review documents via Office 365 and reviews are imported into CLM automatically at the end of the review. Documents sent for Office 365 review must be in DOCX format, though supporting documents can be of any format. Office 365 Review can be initiated only for one document at a time.
    After completing any ongoing review, you can initiate a new review for another document from the same contract. In both reviews, the contract status changes to "Other Party Review" after documents are sent for review.
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