Download a custom-named file

Downloads the file and gives a custom file name by passing correlation IDs and the file name.

For example: if you generate a PDF document with Composer merge flow and run this API with the fileName parameter set to "Final Proposal.pdf", the Final Proposal.pdf file is downloaded to your machine.

If the output you received is: https://ENVIRONMENT_DOMAIN/PreSignedService/523954f3264c453fa6cbf26deaed3df2_DatasetJson/aae1bdbb-e520-4581-8e96-23dae5bc0b88/Final%20Proposal.pdf, then

lookupId1: 523954f3264c453fa6cbf26deaed3df2_DatasetJson

lookupId2: aae1bdbb-e520-4581-8e96-23dae5bc0b88

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