User Authentication to Conga Platform

All users and orgs must authenticate to access CPQ services on the Conga Platform. Before authenticating, the org or user must be onboarded to the Conga Platform with the help of Conga Dev Ops or Cloud Ops.

To log into the application, Conga Platform users can use an external identity provider implemented through OAuth 2.0 to enable communication between the application and external identity provider. Users can thus log in to the application using existing credentials from a trusted third-party identity provider instead of creating new credentials specifically for the application. The application relies on the identity provider for authentication and authorization. This enables a secure and convenient way to access the application.

To log into the Conga Platform

Launch the application using the Conga Platform URL on a supported web browser. This redirects you to the OAuth screen where you can select the identity providers as required.

  1. Click Identity Provider and select the required Idp from the list.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Log in with your credentials on the external identity provider. A Conga Platform home page is displayed.